The exact date of final construction is unknown for the building we know today as Randall Gallery; however it is known to have existed in 1840.

Some history of the utilization of 999 N. 13th Street:

1861-1865 It was used as a food storage building during The Civil War.
1890 – 1908 The building was occupied by Ferguson Pajamas and Nightshirt company manufacturing (you guessed it) they made pajamas and nightshirts.
1946 Stern Fixture which manufactured and sold restaurant equipment
1954 Acme Sewing and Boot & Northern Shoe Machinery Company
1975 – 1992 In 1975 Jack Randall purchased the building. Following the renovation, he opened the Randall Gallery which displayed and sold national and local art.
1992 – Present In 1992 Mark Widmann, a then 17 year veteran of the food and beverage business, purchased the building from Jack Randall. Following additional renovations and adding a full institutional kitchen, he opened his event facility that still bears the name of Randall Gallery. Mark decided to keep the name Randall Gallery because he is a contemporary art collector himself, although the Randall Gallery no longer operates as an art gallery. Mark curates the space himself for fun, which also provides his guests with a half million dollars’ worth of free and playful event decorations. As Mark has been known to state on many occasions; “This beats the heck out a tan sliding partition wall, boring plaid carpeting windowless room” – obviously poking fun at the average, boring event room.